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About Us - Beyrock Restaurant & Cafe

Beyrock originates from Beirut, the largest city and capital of Lebanon which is an exquisite potpourri of cultures and cuisines. The Ottoman and French influence in Beirut is so unique that it draws cuisine connoisseurs from all around the globe and the capital city, with its luxurious eateries and art novena cafes, is a haven for food lovers! Enjoy a slice of Beirut right here in Dubai at the Beyrock Restaurant and Café.

Besides olive oil, fresh bread, Baklava, Laban and buttery croissants what draws people to Beirut is its natural beauty, most notably the Beirut Rocks. This wonder is the meeting place of daredevil pilots, naturalist and sea lovers who gather in harmony and enjoy the liveliness of the great city of Beirut, and when they get hungry – the mouthwatering cuisines await them. Beyrock is where we assure you our guest of the perfect amalgamation of traditional Lebanese foods, exotic ingredients and exciting seasonings all combined to please your palettes with a uniqueness that has been our forte for the last 25 years. Just as the Beirut Rocks is the confluence of myriad interests, we at Beyrock are proud to the uniquely Lebanese culinary counterpart with an exciting atmosphere and a menu that has been the on the lips of every guest who has ever had the pleasure of feasting on our foods services.

We are located in the energy hub of the most well known and visited areas in Dubai. Our Clients identify us with our Houmous and Fattoush salad and the Stuffed Fawaregh, mixed grill entrée are absolute crowd magnets. Once you have experienced the Beyrock hospitality and cuisine, we have no doubt you will hurry to return for more of the very best that we continue to offer. We welcome you to treat your friends and family with the best Lebanese delicacies they have ever tasted.

Beyrock Restaurant and Café – the place where you, your family and your life style comes first! Visit us and relish the best of taste and tradition.